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Motherhood Support Program

Anthony’s Home is a temporary housing program that provides support to expecting mothers between the ages of 18-21. The period of time the mothers may reside within the home is one to two years from the date of entry and is based on the level of support needed. While enrolled in our Motherhood Program, mothers can access an array of services throughout the community that will aid in self-sufficiency, healthy decision-making, and life skills. 




When the mothers conclude our Motherhood Support Program the goal is that they will be active members of their community. Resourced with a job, a home, and the necessities to provide for their child. They will be able to bring their skills and knowledge out into the world. Our program is for highly motivated young mothers who are committed to creating a brighter future for themselves.  


  • Secure basic needs, food, shelter, safety

  • Address mother & child medical needs

  • Gather and address all legal issues & paperwork 

Personal Well-being

  • Find a supportive social network

  • Develop healthy relationships & boundaries

  • Set realistic goals

  • Improve emotional stability 

  • Improve personal development skills

  • Learn proper coping skills

Parenting Skills

  • Develop positive parenting skills

  • Find supportive network for day care

  • Learn how to manage a home

  • Acquire strategies to prevent child abuse/neglect

  • Develop family plan-no additional unplanned pregnancies

Education & job advancement 

  • Receive high school diploma or GED

  • Complete career-relevant education

  • Acquire workplace skills & etiquette 

  • Gather proper documentation 

  • Secure a job with real earning potential

  • Create a 3-year work/education plan

Financial Literacy

  • Learn to manage money responsibly

  • Set realistic financial goals

  • Access banking and accumulate financial assets

  • Build assets to achieve economic mobility

  • Learn about investing 

  • Learn how to save money for child's future education

  • Create a crisis plan


  • Maintain the ability to support herself and child

  • Create a lifestyle to be successful in a long-term plan

  • Take pride in parenting responsibility

  • Achieve economic independence 

  • Have confidence in their future ability to improve her life and her child's

Long-Term vs Short-term Program

At Anthony's Home, we have two types of programs. One is a long-term residential program where young mothers who are expecting can apply for a spot within the home. When in the home all mothers are required to follow all house rules as well as participate in the step-by-step curriculum. Anthony's Home is NOT a shelter. It is a transitional home to help young mothers become self-sufficient and create a secure lifestyle for themselves and their children. Our short-term program is 12 weeks long. It consists of weekly meetings where mothers can participate in different activities and classes to improve their well-being. This includes topics such as Healthy Boundaries, Self- Care, Bonding with your Child, and Budgeting on a Single Income. There will also be multiple guest speakers, community events to attend, and access to different community support resources. 



12-week group 


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