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It is grueling and arduous to write openly and truthfully about myself, my life, and my experiences. I do not know where to start but what I do know is – if I speak about my accomplishments, it is only right to speak about the dark failures, many losses, and painful chapters too.  With that being said, I will start with the toughest decision I ever made. Anthony is my firstborn. I regrettably gave him up for adoption. I was fifteen. I was homeless. I was alone. And I was scared. It is difficult to make sound decisions when you don’t have a secure roof over your head, a safe bed to sleep in, and/or are struggling to provide yourself with food to eat. In a moment of short-term distress, I found myself making a long-term decision. This decision changed not only my life but the lives of my two sons. It never sits well knowing I am not a part of seeing Anthony grow up. I often wonder what his interests are, his passions, and his talents. ​As a mother who is NOW successfully adulting; this truth and outcome is a tough pill to swallow. I thought "I can't take care of this child and myself" but I could. I did! 

Today, I do not know my firstborn, nor does he know me or his little brother. Four years after Anthony’s adoption, I gave birth to my second son Robert who I am so honored to be capable of raising and watching grow up. I have developed a sense of stability and financial security in his and my life. ​I wonder does Anthony resent me? Will Robert feel bitter towards me for not knowing and growing up with his brother? As I often feel these emotions towards myself. 


My Story


​Anthony’s Home is not just a temporary place for young mothers with their children. Anthony’s Home is my way of honoring my son, Anthony. I am committed to providing safe homes that give mothers the opportunity to raise their children while still developing themselves. 

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